CibicWorkshop is the research center founded by Aldo Cibic: a group of young designers and architects, led by Aldo Cibic, Chuck Felton, Aria Behbehani and Tommaso Corà, working on interdisciplinary projects ranging from environment development, new services and activities concepts, to product design.
CibicWorkshop constantly collaborates with an international network of universities, research centers and business incubators to develop new design methods.

Comodo is a group of researchers, thinkers, analysts, designers who deliver communication and social innovation. Comodo is a cooperative established with the aim to develop paths for research, consulting and design, dealing with communication tools and content. The group was founded in 2003 as a result of a training program in graphic design and publishing, held by Marco Tortoioli Ricci – communication designer and visiting Professor in Design Methodology at ISIA in Urbino – in Spoletos’ High Security Prison,.

Comodo directs its activity for companies and institutions that need to rethink their role, provides them with an innovative and close-knit working group, dedicated to the communication design as well as to the design of contents.. The work group is coordinated by Thomas Bialas – futurologist – and Marco Tortoioli Ricci – design director -, working with Alba Beni (coordination), Marina Turci (designer), Laura Bortoloni (designer), Marco Zauli (designer and copy), Matteo Guidi (artist and researcher), Giuliano Chimenti (designer).

We develop scenarios dedicated to redraw communication strategies for public and private companies, we design projects for territorial branding and urban activation plans. Our aim is to reconsider the work process as a tool being able to involve the users communities and to generate good reputation instead a basically seductive communication.